Ain Stanceline 1(PDCA)

The story begins in the rural side of ELGOLIA, a small village at the foot of a deep green mountain.

In the country called ELGOLIA, there was a national policy called “Great Change” which changes the place where all people work and live every six years. However, the people in this village were uncooperative with “Great Change” and continued to settle in their hometowns, even if the King requested.

Because, according to the old tradition, it was thought that the family that had abandoned the land of their hometown had the indignation of Yamanokami. The villagers feared awe in the woods that overlooked the village. It is a mountain of gods where the gods who died in the final war of 2000 years are scolded.

Ain Stanceline and his younger brother Brian was born in this village.

Ain was late for wisdom. He was unable to manipulate his words well at the age of two, and he was full of conversations with words. Meanwhile, my brother’s

Brian was a genius who could manipulate words and express things emotionally at the age of one and was expected and loved by adults in the village.

But my parents loved and raised my two sons without separation. The family was poor but had a peaceful day. The mother prayed for two people to swear eternal love.

<Like you have a happier life than anyone>

But calm days do not last long. When Ain was three, his family suffered from poverty. His father was a clumsy man of mercenary and was unable to satisfy any of the village’s jobs.

The father went to work abroad to earn a living, and he was expelled from the village, buying the anger of the villager as having abandoned his homeland. From this point on, the villagers began to complain to Ain’s family if there was the indignation of Yamanokami. Relentless harassment was also done.

His mother was a woman from the neighboring country of Austria and was a person of personality. Therefore, she was exposed to the family’s complaints Ain and

He put out his harassment letters and graffiti on the wall alone with Brian’s ear, carrying anger and sadness, and developing depression. Even her who is a person of personality is gradually getting stronger against Ain’s “failed”,

I became jealous of Brian. Due to the progress of the disease, mothers went to hospital more often and left more homes.

And when Ain is 4 years old. At home when his mother is absent, he defeats the candlelight and causes a fire. It was a 3-year-old brother who rescued Ain from the burning building. This incident causes the brother to suffer a major burn and become a returnee. The sick mother screened Ain for violence and blamed herself “I wish I had not been born.”

Ain understood what he did. His brain began to move sharply at this time. He read aloud in front of his mother because he wrote a letter of remorse for his mother. The mother apologized many times and shed tears and hugged him. He felt the love of his mother and came to think of what the genius brother would have accomplished.

Ain was interested in foreign literature and read 100 books a month at the library. Ain will gradually betray her mother to a book not available in the village. The mother managed the village’s only bookstore for her son and contributed to the village’s diplomacy.


Ain knew that setting goals, repeating planning and execution, evaluation and improvement in the village life was the point of making things better. For example, if you want to walk straight and take a step in the sandbox, your footsteps will remain at your feet. If the next landing point is decided with the footsteps as a guide, then the path you walked will become a straight line.

Ain wanted life to be that way. In front of him there was always a shadow of a genius younger brother.

〈How would you live if you were alive?〉

Ain aimed at a bright and bright brother who was only remembered.

He wanted to foster both introspective and diplomatic self, reading books and spreading knowledge, and trying not to be scared and to talk with anyone. I would be lucky if you could tell me something in the conversation that I didn’t know, and if I could point out my bad point, I would find a task to improve tomorrow. If you are treated with a person who is unreasonable and angry or a bad person, if you are treated guilty, you can broaden your power by forgiveness. Although he sometimes expressed regret over his slow growth, he kept trying every day.

At one point, he liked to argue with others to make life better. In it he realizes that time is finite.

The reason is that when he was 8 years old, he gathered men and women from 6 to 18 years old and discussed “what to cherish in life.” Ain was impressed by the opinion that “time” is important, with the opinion of love, status, honor, health, summer vacation, and mother. It is probably because I wanted to give my best to my younger brother who lost her life because she could not do what she wanted to do.

When I was aware of time, Ain seemed to spend six years of Volkskoll and six years of gymnasium, 12 years of compulsory education, consuming “time” in the dark.

Ain decided to aim for grade skipping. He planned to get the academic skills needed for grade skipping and to play year-round to stay afloat, and carried out with almost no trajectory correction. The way of life was as busy as trying to live a life for two people. Even when he fell in love and was almost tempted by greed, he continued to grow only love and kill greed. At the bottom of his heart is the conviction to return the benefits he received to his brother to the world. Even when it comes to dedicating life to the world.

Having made her name in the village as a genius, he was decided to graduate from the village Gymnasium at the age of 15. Here he will challenge the final test to enter the academy. What he was planning was to escape from the village bound by Yamanokami.

Then he abandoned the country where he was born and went on to go to the academy of the neighboring country Austia.



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